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Donald Trump is not happy.

Some Republicans are turning their backs on his challenges to root out voter fraud in the 2020 election.

Donald Trump hit the Republican Party with a voter fraud ultimatum that will end careers.

The fake news media is obsessed with pushing Republicans to declare that Joe Biden won the presidential election fair and square and that Donald Trump should admit defeat.

Republicans largely avoided this trap knowing that the election is not officially over as the Electoral College has not met to cast their votes and President Trump has several legal challenges still open.

As part of this campaign the Washington Post reached out to every Congressional Republican—all 249 between the House and Senate combined—to ask three questions.

The three questions were “who won the presidential contest, do you support or oppose Trump’s continuing efforts to claim victory and if Biden wins a majority in the Electoral College, will you accept him as the legitimately elected president.”

Most Republicans—220—refused to answer the Post’s obvious trap question, but 27 were dumb enough to respond and claim Joe Biden won the election.

The Washington Post reported:

Just 27 congressional Republicans acknowledge Joe Biden’s win over President Trump a month after the former vice president’s clear victory of more than 7 million votes nationally and a convincing electoral-vote margin that exactly matched Trump’s 2016 tally.

Two Republicans consider Trump the winner despite all evidence showing otherwise. And another 220 GOP members of the House and Senate — about 88 percent of all Republicans serving in Congress — will simply not say who won the election.

The Post was obviously trying to drive a wedge between Republicans and their voters because polls show 70 percent of Republicans think the 2020 election was not free or fair and just three percent of Trump voters consider Biden the legitimate winner of the election.

President Trump noticed this story and blasted the Republicans falsely claiming Joe Biden is the President-elect even though the results are not certified.

The President asked for the list of those making that declaration in what amounted to a threat to campaign against them if they faced a primary challenge in 2022.

“25, wow! I am surprised there are so many. We have just begun to fight. Please send me a list of the 25 RINOS. I read the Fake News Washington Post as little as possible!” the President posted on social media.

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The media believes it has the power to declare a winner in the election.

That is a lie.

There is no reason for Republicans to kowtow to media pressure to anoint Joe Biden the President-elect when the constitutional procedures for determining who won the election have yet to run their course.

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