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Joe Biden and Donald Trump are locked in a bitter struggle.

President Trump just gained the upper hand.

And a federal court handed Trump this win that left Joe Biden swearing in rage.

Joe Biden is claiming to be President-elect while Donald Trump has yet to concede the election.

Donald Trump gained the upper hand in this fight when the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld President Trump’s “public charge rule” which allowed the government to bar entry to legal immigrants if they could not purchase their own healthcare and needed to seek taxpayer-funded health insurance.

Writing for the majority, Judge Daniel Collins argued immigration law “grants the president sweeping authority to decide whether to suspend entry, whose entry to suspend, and for how long” and “would be detrimental to the interests of the United States.”

The Supreme Court cited immigration law granting the President wide latitude to deny entry to classes of aliens when it upheld President Trump’s travel ban.

In its argument the San Francisco Chronicle reported the administration argued that allowing immigrants into the country that leached health insurance off the taxpayers cost $35 billion per year.


“The appeals court said the Trump administration had presented evidence that legal immigrants are only one-third as likely as U.S. citizens to have health insurance, and that uninsured residents cost taxpayers and health care providers more than $35 billion a year,” the Chronicle reported.

The public charge rule will significantly restrict the ability of low skill immigrants to flood the United States and drive down the wages of American-born workers.

“Advocates for immigrants say Trump’s proclamation would bar entry to nearly two-thirds of all otherwise legal migrants, those who obtain their entry visas from employers, U.S. relatives or an annual lottery,” the Chronicle added.

The Chronicle also reported that this rule could allow President Trump to bar up to 375,000 immigrants every year.

Attorney Esther Sung of the Justice Action Center,who came out on the losing end, claimed this decision made it imperative that Joe Biden immediately rescind this rule if he becomes President.

Sung argued that the ruling “makes clear that the Biden administration must move swiftly to rescind all of President Trump’s xenophobic presidential proclamations, including this health care ban,” Sung added. “Countless people have been hurt by this ban, and each passing day keeps families needlessly separated.”

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But Joe Biden is already retreating on his promises to rescind President Trump’s border control orders on day one for fear of igniting a surge of illegal immigrants at the border.

This ruling places a similar landmine in front of Biden if he becomes President.

Should Biden take over on January 20 and Biden replaces the public charge rule he will flood America with cheap foreign labor at a time when millions are unemployed and looking for work.

And that could force Biden’s potential administration to stumble right out of the gate.

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