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All hell is breaking loose in America.

Americans are hoping the coronavirus vaccine can end the pandemic and return life to normal.

But now this top Democrat dropped the one ultimatum on the coronavirus vaccine everyone feared.

Many Americans are worried governments will mandate they receive the coronavirus vaccine.

Politicians—mainly Democrats—denied that they intended to make receiving the coronavirus vaccine mandatory.

However, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo confirmed Americans’ worst fears by revealing that governments intended to implement a backdoor mandate by holding a return to normal life hostage to virtually everyone taking the vaccine.

Governor Cuomo declared that the future was depending on “getting those vaccines in people’s arms.”

“What does 2021 look like? 2021 looks like what we’re going to make it look like. It’s going to be what we do, and, clearly, the key is going to be the vaccine. It’s the one really good piece of news we had in 2020 — was that the research community, the medical community, came up with highly effective vaccines,” Governor Cuomo declared.

“So it’s about getting those vaccines now in people’s arms, right? … But what matters is getting it in people’s arms,” Governor Cuomo continued.

Democrats and public health so-called “experts” continually up the percentage of people they claim need to be vaccinated for normal life to return and the American people can go back to their pre-pandemic lives.

In a recent interview,Dr. Fauci also employed the blackmail strategy to force Americans to receive the vaccination claiming that the sooner enough people took the vaccine, the sooner normal life could resume.

“It’s going to depend on our success in vaccinating what I would say is an overwhelming majority of the population, between 70 to 85 percent,” Dr. Fauci stated.

Dr. Fauci then claimed that “a degree of normality” could return in late fall 2021 if around 75 percent of Americans took the vaccine.

“If we can do that, by mid to end of the summer, I think as we get into fall, October, November, times like that, I think we will be very close to a degree of normality,” Dr. Fauci added.

That answer set off alarm bells.

First, it means Dr. Fauci intends for Americans to live under 20 months of lockdowns.

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Second, Americans don’t want “a degree of normality.” They want normal life back.

Finally, since that interview Dr. Fauci admitted he lied about needing 75 percent immunity to end the lockdowns and that he intended to keep businesses closed and Americans under house arrest until 90 percent of the population took the vaccine.

The Washington Post and fake news CNN both recently ran stories about how immunity passports—proof of vaccination—are necessary to reopen the economy.

It is now clear that the entire American left—from elected officials, fascist public health bureaucrats and fake news reporters—are setting the ground work to keep the lockdowns going for indefinite periods of time to force the American people to take the vaccine.

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