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Joe Biden’s claims of being President-elect are now threatening American national and economic security.

This attack has all hell breaking loose.

And now a whistleblower blew the lid off this Joe Biden plan to impose a new world order.

If Joe Biden takes over as President on January 20, he and his team are all-in on the “Great Reset.”

The “Great Reset” is a scheme by the World Economic Forum that plans to restructure the economy into a socialist system using so-called “climate change” and the coronavirus pandemic as the pretext.

Joe Biden’s climate czar John Kerry boasted that Joe Biden jumped aboard the “Great Reset” bandwagon.

“And yes, it [the Great Reset] will happen,” Kerry told the World Economic Forum. “And I think it will happen with greater speed and with greater intensity than a lot of people might imagine. In effect, the citizens of the United States have just done a Great Reset. We’ve done a Great Reset. And it was a record level of voting.”

“I know Joe Biden believes … it’s not enough just to rejoin Paris [the Paris Climate Accords] for the United States. It’s not enough for us to just do the minimum of what Paris requires,” Kerry added.

But like amonkey’s paw, the “Great Reset” intends to take more than it gives when it grants wishes.

German economist Dr. Antony Mueller appeared on the Delingpod podcastand warned that the “Great Reset” will lead to the greatest economic collapse in human history.

Dr. Mueller cautioned that governments around the world could not provide endless trillions of dollars in economic relief as tyrannical politicians imposed unscientific coronavirus lockdowns.

When the money spigot eventually shuts off, unemployment will skyrocket.

“Most people have not noticed yet because at the moment governments can afford to give them subsidies and welfare payments. But the question is: ‘For how long?’ We know this money is coming to an end and that it will soon be over. Next you will see massive unemployment all over Europe as one country pulls down another country,” Dr. Mueller stated.

Dr. Mueller warned that the coming calamity will cause upheaval worse than the Weimar Republic that eventually led to the rise of Nazi Germany.

“We are seeing the destruction of the economy in all Western countries — from the U.S. and Canada to New Zealand and Western Europe. 2020 has been a big catastrophe in the making. It’s just not here yet but it will be worse — much, much worse — than Weimar,” Dr. Mueller added.

Dr. Mueller explained that the coronavirus was not the cause of the coming economic collapse.

Instead, Dr. Mueller correctly diagnosed the cause as the lockdowns.

“We had a foretaste in 2008. You remember the pictures of lines of people waiting to draw their cash from the bank? This could well happen because you will have a collapse of credit… Unemployment will come. The government will have no funds. It will be mega inflation or a major contraction.

“It was not the virus that did this. It was the lockdown. Most people cannot comprehend it because the dimension explodes anything we are used to,” Dr. Mueller declared.

The point of the “Great Reset” is to destroy the economy and create human misery.

If the people are content and the economy is growing no one will look to socialism.

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But if the elites leave the economy in tatters a desperate population will look for change to end the catastrophe.

And thatis where globalists sense their opportunity will come to impose socialism on America and the rest of the world.

Joe Biden—of course—doesn’t understand any of this.

His brains are applesauce at this point and Biden barely knows what day of the week it is.

But his handlers are fully aware of this reality.

And that is one reason they selected Joe Biden as their candidate.

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