President Trump was losing faith in the Supreme Court.

But that began to change.

And Amy Coney Barrett handed Trump a win that will change this presidential election.

In a six to three decision, the court’s Republican appointees rejected a challenge to President Trump’s effort to not count illegal aliens in the United States census.

Amy Coney Barrett’s presence in the court was felt as normally Chief Justice Roberts would side against the Trump administration, but with Amy Coney Barrett giving conservatives five votes, Roberts voting with the majority allows him to write the opinion himself and shape the scope of the ruling.

In this case the conservatives rejected the Democrat state attorneys general like Letitia James in New York on the grounds that they lacked standing because the policy had yet to go into effect so there were too many unknowns.

“At present, this case is riddled with contingencies and speculation that impede judicial review,” the majority argued.

“The President, to be sure, has made clear his desire to exclude aliens without lawful status from the apportionment base. But the President qualified his directive by providing that the Secretary should gather information ‘to the extent practicable’ and that aliens should be excluded ‘to the extent feasible,’” the conservatives added.

The majority argued the Democrat state attorneys general were arguing a set of facts that may never come to be.

“Any prediction how the Executive Branch might eventually implement this general statement of policy is ‘no more than conjecture,’” the majority declared.

The court’s three liberals all dissented arguing that what the Trump administration was doing was illegal and should not get away with being able to proceed on the basis that they may not be able to implement their policy of not counting illegal aliens in the census.

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“Where, as here, the government acknowledges it is working to achieve an allegedly illegal goal, this court should not decline to resolve the case simply because the government speculates that it might not fully succeed,” Justice Breyer wrote for the liberal justices.

President Trump was not happy with the Supreme Court after it refused to hear the state of Texas’ lawsuit to rule the results in Wisconsin, Georgia, Michigan and Pennsylvania illegal because those states unconstitutionally changed their rules about mail-in voting.

But this case could help the Republicans in the 2024 election as Democrats were counting on tallying illegal aliens in the census to shift Electoral College votes from red states to blue states which could reduce the number of states Democrats need to carry to win the election.

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