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A Top Democrat thinks that there will be no consequences for his outrageous behavior.

The mainstream media having been working overtime to keep it quiet.

CNN helped Democrats big time with this dirty trick to hide their scandal.

Democrats and the mainstream media talked about Russian collusion for years in order to attack the Trump administration with a baseless lie.

Yet they aren’t at all concerned about the fact that Rep. Eric Swalwell, who remains on the House Intelligence Committee, was compromised by his close relationship with a Chinese spy.

Swalwell reportedly had a sexual relationship with Fang Fang, or Christine Fang, and they were so close that Fang was able to place an intern in Swalwell’s office.

Fang met Swalwell in 2012 when he was a Dublin city councilman and she was out to target up-and-coming politicians.

She stayed in contact with Swalwell until the FBI sat him down in 2015 to give him a security briefing on Fang who suddenly left the country soon afterwards.

This is deeply concerning behavior, yet Swalwell doesn’t seem to think he owes anyone an explanation.

“Swalwell thinks he can simply weather the storm, and he probably can. The same liberal media outlets that had him on their airwaves or in the papers to rant about Russian collusion won’t be bothered to press him on his relationship with a Chinese spy. The New York Times, recently considered the national ‘newspaper of record,’ has plenty of pieces warning of how much the Russians liked former GOP Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, but it still hasn’t even acknowledged the Swalwell story,” the Washington Examiner reported.

But the Democrats don’t think that any member of their party should be held to even minimal standards.

Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi went out and defended Swalwell in front of the press and said ”I don’t have any concern about Mr. Swalwell.”

Swalwell could be replaced easily by Democratic leadership but they chose not to because they don’t think that they should have to.

“Swalwell had the right team, so he can try and ride it out. He also didn’t run afoul of a Democratic hobby horse, like Al Franken did with the #MeToo movement. Democrats don’t care as much about the threat China poses as they do about bothering Donald Trump, which Swalwell made his day job in countless television appearances,” the Washington Examiner continued.

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Swalwell may be able to hang on to his place on the Intelligence Committee but it comes at a cost.

Polls show that the American public is losing confidence in the Democratic leadership and the mainstream media.

If Pelosi was smart, she wouldn’t be defending Swalwell but Democrats are overconfident and don’t understand that the American public isn’t behind them.

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