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Rush Limbaugh is convinced the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump.

Joe Biden is instead running around claiming to be President-elect.

And Rush Limbaugh dropped the hammer on Joe Biden with one truth about America.

Commander-in-Thief Joe Biden spoke to the nation and delivered one of the most downbeat and defeatist messages in American history.

Biden claimed America’s worst days were ahead and that the people must learn to die with the coronavirus.

“Here is the simple truth: our darkest days in the battle against COVID are ahead of us, not behind us,” Biden moaned.

Rush Limbaugh blasted Biden for an unacceptable level of pessimism.

“If I were president-elect of the country, it’s the last thing I would say. Even if I believed it, I doubt that I would put it this way. But I don’t believe this anyway. Our darkest days are ahead of us? What a bleak way of looking at things. … We Americans have adapted to our problems. … Our freedom has allowed our adaptability,” Limbaugh began.

Limbaugh ripped Biden for claiming that America was helpless in the face of disaster and just had to accept endless death and lockdowns.

“If disaster is coming our way, we don’t just sit there and endure it. We come up with ways to avoid it, to beat it back, to overcome it, but we don’t just sit there and accept it. And, as such, we don’t just resign ourselves to the fact that they’re living in the darkest days because we, at least to this point, still have the greatest degree of freedom of any people on earth,” Limbaugh added.

Limbaugh added that while the left wages war on American freedom and institutions it is not time to panic.

Instead, Limbaugh expressed optimism that the values that made America great would prevail in the end.

“Now, it’s under assault and under attack and we all know this. But I don’t believe our darkest days are ahead of us. I never have. People have been asking, ‘You’ve always told us you’d tell us when it’s time to panic. Is it time?’ It’s never time to panic, folks. It’s never, ever gonna be time to give up on our country. It will never be time to give up on the United States. It will never be time to give up on yourself. Trust me,” Limbaugh added.

In many ways the job of President of the United States is to act like a cheerleader for the nation.

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The President needs to level with the American people, but Joe Biden pummeling the public with his message of negativity and death is not designed to steel the public for a difficult battle with coronavirus.

Instead, Joe Biden wants to continue the lockdowns.

And Rush Limbaugh called him out.

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