As Donald Trump fights to stop the steal he is facing treachery from within his own party.

But now the Never Trumpers are in for some bad news.

And this Republican who stabbed Trump In the back got stumped by one question.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger took part in one of the dirtiest political tricks in recent memory.

Someone leaked an audio recording of a phone call between President Trump, his advisors, Raffensperger and his lawyer where the President simply asked Raffensperger to do his job and honestly count the voters in Georgia.

By leaking the recording to the anti-Trump Washington Post, the source ensured that the Post would falsely frame the call as Donald Trump bullying Raffensperger into trying to fabricate votes to steal the election in Georgia for the President.

Raffensperger thought the increasingly anti-Trump Fox News would be a welcome stop on his media victory lap.

But host Martha MacCallum surprised Raffensperger by grilling him over if he took part in leaking the recording of the call to the Washington Post.

“Did you say OK, let’s release the audio of the phone call?” MacCallum asked.

“The information is out there,” Raffensperger dodged. “It is what it is.”

That answer wasn’t good enough for MacCallum who pressed Raffensperger again about if he partook in the leak.

“That’s not an answer to my question. Are you going to answer my question? Were you aware of the decision and were you in favor of the decision to release the phone call, sir?”MacCallum responded.

Raffensperger avoided giving a direct answer once again.

“I think we had to respond to the president’s Twitter, and we responded with the facts that were in the call,” Raffensperger shot back. “So that’s how it got out there. The world can make up their own decisions, listen to both sides. Both sides of the aisle, down the middle. Make their own decisions.”

MacCallum asked Raffensperger about Georgia Republican Senator David Perdue saying recording the call and leaking it was “disgusting.”

Raffensperger got to the heart of the matter saying Perdue’s comments about his performance in managing the election in November were to blame for alleged threats made against his wife.

“It feels like this is very much about a grudge between you and the president and … Perdue,” MacCallum noticed.

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“It’s about getting the facts out,” Raffensperger claimed. “President Trump probably had eight to 10 points. Every one of [Trump’s] numbers were wrong. We have a poster board of the actual numbers that we have versus what they have. Our numbers will be supported in a court of law. Their numbers will not be.”

The timing of the call lends credence to MacCallum’s question.

This tape leaked 48 hours before Perdue and his fellow Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler faced the voters in Senate runoff elections.

Raffensperger may have been trying to exact revenge on President Trump and Senator Perdue for their comments about him by trying to sabotage the Republican Party’s chances of holding the Senate.

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