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Missouri Senator Josh Hawley announced he would speak for the 74,000,000 Trump voters and object to the certification of the Electoral College.

As an avatar for the spineless Republican establishment, Utah Senator Mitt Romney was expected to oppose Senator Hawley.

But what Mitt Romney told CNN about Josh Hawley will leave you speechless.

Speaking to fake news CNN,Mitt Romney went beyond just announcing he would vote to certify Joe Biden’s controversial win.

Romney nearly called Senator Hawley seditious and smeared his exercising his constitutional right to object to the Electoral College as a danger to democracy.

“Spreading this kind of rumor about our election system not working is dangerous for democracy here and abroad,” Senator Romney whined to fake news CNN.

Romney cited Mitch McConnell claiming this was the most important vote he would ever take as a defense of democracy.

“I see that as a statement that he believes it’s a referendum on our democracy,” Romney added.

Of course, Romney ignored the fact that nearly 40 House Democrats objected to the results of the 2016 election falsely claiming voter suppression.

And Romney never addressed the fact that in 2005, California Democrat Senator Barbara Boxer objected to the results in Ohio where George W. Bush defeated John Kerry in the decisive state in his 2004 re-election win.

For his part, Senator Hawley explained he must object to the results of the Electoral College to force a debate on the process of the 2020 election.

Senator Hawley declared that he intended “to highlight the failure of some states, including notably Pennsylvania, to follow their own election laws as well as the unprecedented interference of Big Tech monopolies in the election.”

In Pennsylvania the partisan Democrat state Supreme Court illegally rewrote state law to allow mail-in ballots to come in three days after the deadline set by the legislature.

Senator Hawley added that it was important to bring attention to the fact that tech companies like Facebook and Twitter rigged the presidential election by censoring negative news stories like the New York Post report about the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop in order to boost Joe Biden’s candidacy.

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“I cannot vote to certify without pointing out the unprecedented effort of mega corporations, including Facebook and Twitter, to interfere in this election, in support of Joe Biden,” Senator Hawley continued. “At the very least, Congress should investigate allegations of voter fraud and adopt measures to secure the integrity of our elections. But Congress has so far failed to act,” he said. “For these reasons, I will follow the same practice Democrat members of Congress have in years past and object during the certification process on January 6 to raise these critical issues.”

Establishment Republicans like Mitt Romney are terrified of taking this vote because they all secretly supported Joe Biden during the election and want Donald Trump gone so they can go back to swamp business as usual.

But because of Senator Hawley they will now have to go on the record as the swamp sellouts and secret Joe Biden supporters that they really are.

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