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Kamala Harris never saw this coming.

Harris thought she was on a glide path to the White House.

But you won’t believe which Democrat will replace Kamala Harris.

When Joe Biden selected Kamala Harris as his running mate, many Americans assumed that in case Biden won it was only a matter of time until the clearly declining Biden stepped aside and allowed Harris to take over as President.

Few believe that Joe Biden at the age of 82 would run for re-election in 2024 when a 78-year-old Biden could not maintain the rigors of a campaign schedule and who critics believed showed signs of early onset dementia.

The prospect of Biden potentially becoming President on January 20, 2021 put that reality into sharp focus.

But win or lose for Joe Biden, will Kamala Harris be the Democrat candidate in 2024?

That does not seem certain.

Harris was one of the worst campaigners and candidates in recent memory falling from the top of the polls to near zero support and dropping out of the race by Thanksgiving 2019.

If Donald Trump does not secure a second term he may very well run for President in 2024.

And Kamala Harris is not a formidable candidate that can match the President’s ability to mobilize voters.

Harris staked out a number of radical left-wing positions like supporting a ban on fracking, confiscating guns, supporting the Marxist Green New Deal and a socialist takeover of healthcare that would render her unelectable.

Democrats across the country lost elections in 2020 because of their support for these anti-American policies.

But if Democrats need a candidate, the obvious pitcher warming up in the bullpen is Michelle Obama.

Michelle Obama topped Kamala Harris as Gallup’s most admired woman in America.

Gallup wrote of their findings:

Just as men who were president have dominated the most admired man list, women who were first lady have commonly been named most admired woman. Gallup has asked the public to name the woman they admire most 71 times since 1948, with either a current (18) or a former (39) first lady winning a total of 57 times. That has been the case every year since 1997, with Hillary Clinton accounting for most of those — but Michelle Obama (2018 through 2020) and Laura Bush (2001) also finished first during that time span.

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This year, 10% of Americans name Obama as most admired woman, 6% name Harris, and 4% name current first lady Melania Trump. Trump has been in the top 10 each of the past four years but has never finished first, joining Bess Truman and Lady Bird Johnson as former or current first ladies not to have received the distinction.

Michelle Obama has long been the Democrats’ dream candidate.

The former First Lady has also denied any interest in running for office.

But Democrats may be in a desperate situation in 2024 and Michelle Obama could feel obligated to get in the race as the only Democrat with a prayer of running competitively against Donald Trump.

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